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THE PLASMA GUY: TV mounting, “We Hide Wires” !!
(404) 840-3560

the “PLASMA GUY”,…Our name will tell you how long we have been Installing HDTVs. When you need the best, Call the best.!
We take on the jobs the “Other guys” can’t do or won’t do. We make the impossible,….POSSIBLE !!

Don’t just look at the ad, contact me directly for EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE: (404) 840-3560 ask for JD

We have been Installing TVs since 1997, way before anyone else listed here on Craigslist. So if you want the BEST, if you want great service, if you want a 10 year Warranty, if you want an installer that will take care of your investment and is passionate and takes a sense of PRIDE in every Installation CALL ME………..


– ARE YOU MOVING ? ((We can take down your TVs in your old home and re-Install your HDTV in your new home))



– BASIC TV Mounting: Prices low as ………………………………………………………………………………(( $74.99 ))

– STANDARD TV Mounting: Prices as low as ………………………………………………………………….(( $149.99 ))

– VIP (Custom) TV Mounting options now available …………………………………………………………..(( CALL ))

* TV mounted on a regular WALL,
* All wires and/or electrical wires hidden and concealed Additional options
* Pricing depends on size of TV / DISCOUNTS will be applied on (2) or more TVs Installed
* We can give ESTIMATED quotes over the phone but exact pricing and DISCOUNTS will be calculated once an on site evaluation has been completed at time of Installation

– STANDARD wires hidden/concealed INSIDE the wall: “We Hide Wires” Prices from: (( $149.99 )) Per TV / HUGE DISCOUNTS on (2) or more TVs Installed

– (NEW) STEALTH BOXES: We will hide ALL of your components inside the wall with Electrical: Prices from: (( $149.99 )) Ask us for details on this exciting NEW feature !

– ELECTRICAL OUTLETS available: We can ADD an additional outlet, Move the outlet or relocate an outlet
– CUSTOM TV Mounting with wires concealed, Electrical hidden, Cable box hidden, A/V Receiver hidden: CALL
– SOUND BAR Mounted: Optic wire hidden, Electrical hidden and sound bar Installed:
Prices will start from between…..(( $49 ~ $149 ))

(Depending on the FIREPLACE you have, Installations prices typically range between $199 ~ $299)

– STACK STONE, BRICK, WOOD, DRYWALL, etc. We install TVs on them ALL !
– GAS, WOOD BURNING, COAL, ELECTRIC, etc. We install TVs on them ALL !

– We are a Licensed Professional Company. This is NOT a handyman service. All Installations are Warrantied for 10 Years and Installed to County Code. We are HOA and Apartment complex Approved

Due to complications in the market from the COVID-19 Pandemic, supply chain shortages, fuel costs and distribution delays we can NO LONGER offer the “BASIC TV Installation Package.
The STANDARD TV Installation package / CUSTOM Installation package and the FIREPLACE Installation
Package are all we offer at this time. Due to extremely high demand please schedule your appointments ASAP.

We give you FULL and UPFRONT pricing:
Other companies use the “Bait & Switch” game. They present low BASIC rate prices to gain your business, then once in your home they come up with reasons to hike the prices up. Listed below are some of the rate hike tactics they use OR you may have heard before:

* The wall is insulated so we have to charge more for this – (With us it’s included)
* The wall has a cross member beam, or a fire break or purlin in there so we have to add more to the labor costs – (With us it’s included)
* Your home or Condo has metal studs and we have to use more materials so this will “bump up our costs” – (With us it’s included)
* They also say, we just “MOUNT” your TV,… hiding the wires and running the electrical is extra “OR” you need to Hire an Electrician to install an electrical outlet.

ALL, just some of the many excuses low rate Installer companies use to trick you with low prices, then they jack the rates up once they start working in your home. BEWARE of these tactics.!! We dont use these tricks, our prices are upfront and we state whats included UPFRONT.
“An educated consumer, is our BEST customer” !!


* PROFESSIONAL TV INSTALLATION SPECIALISTS: (All you need is your TV, we offer everything else)
* TV MOUNTING SERVICES: We specialize in Mounting TVs on STACK STONE and BRICK Fireplaces
– Wire concealment
– Electrical outlets ( Licensed ELECTRICIAN on staff )
– Media integration
– We sell the correct Mounting Brackets, hardware and HDMI cables: “ALL YOU NEED IS YOUR TV” !!
– NO Distance restrictions (We travel anywhere) !!
– NO NEED for Sheetrock patch work and Dry wall repair work
– NO NEED for additional Electrical work or to call out an Electrician
– NO NEED to depend on the clueless Cable Company to run your HDMI cables

We will do it all !! We are your “ONE STOP SHOP” TV mounting and installation company

The “Other guys” charge bait and switch cheap rates just to get your business to mount your TV, (the easy part of the installation). Then they tell you that they can NOT run the Electrical. Now they tell you that you will need to call out an Electrician to do that part of the installation. Then after they cut large holes in your wall OR use destructive wire cover tracks they tell you that now you need a sheet rock guy to patch up the walls. Then on top of that, now you need a painter to REPAINT the walls. Now that cheap and misleading $40 Installation rate now turns into over $300…!! Don’t be fooled by these “Bait & Switch” tactics.

Getting your TV mounted on a WALL or OVER THE FIREPLACE is not something you want to go on the cheap for. Your home is one of your most valuable assets and whether you are renting or a home owner you need a qualified Installer. Have peace of mind in knowing that we have been Installing TVs and Home Theaters for over 20 years !! We are LICENSED, INSURED, HIGHLY EXPERIENCED, and we offer 10 YEAR WARRANTIES on all Installations.

(( REMEMBER,…. CHEAP IS EXPENSIVE )) !! Get your TV mounted right THE FIRST TIME !!

We are your “ONE STOP SHOP”, TV mounting and installation company. We use stealth wiring techniques to hide all the wires so there is never a need for sheet rock patch work. No need for an Electrician or a painter either.

– TV Mounting tip: Always get your TV mounted BEFORE the cable company comes out
– TV Mounting tip: NEVER use wire tracks. If at all possible get the wires hidden INSIDE the wall

Multiple TV Installation packages to fit any budget: Basic / Standard / Custom / or our PREMIUM ELITE SERVICE

* HDTV Installations / MEDIA Rooms and Home Theaters

– COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL: Licensed / Insured / Factory Trained and Certified



TV mounted over a FIREPLACE,….prices may vary: (Drywall / Brick / Stack-Stone / Marble / Electric / Gas / Wood burning) etc. PLEASE CALL

– FYI: A TV mounted OVER THE FIREPLACE is a totally different and more challenging Installation than a TV mounted on just a regular WALL. ( Potential Gas lines / Type of fireplace / Stud placement / Structure design / Electrical / and more ), are all possible factors that need to be accounted for in your Installation. No two fireplaces are made the same. This is why we ask you to call and give us a detailed description of the type of fireplace you have. We can then accurately provide a ball park price range on what it will cost to safely mount your TV over your fireplace.

– YES it is totally safe to mount a TV over your FIREPLACE, if you have the right trained and experienced professional. We have Installed 100`s of TVs over the FIREPLACE, Safe / Secure and Affordable.


– NOT every mounting bracket is designed for mounting a TV over the FIREPLACE. Save the confusion and wasted money trying to buy mounting brackets yourself. When mounting a TV over a FIREPLACE it takes a specific type of bracket to accomplish this correctly. Our team always has the CORRECT Mounting bracket on hand when they arrive at your home, and for much less than you would find in a retail store anyway.

– YES OUR TECHS will always have the CORRECT mounting brackets in their trucks. Purchasing one our mounting PROFESSIONAL brackets will assure that you have the correct bracket and save you money on Installation costs. *This will also help you avoid paying (assembly fees) if you provide your own bracket.



– TV mounted on a regular WALL BASIC SERVICE:
– Electrical and Wires concealed: “We Hide Wires” !!
– 1000’s of satisfied customers and PERFECT reviews
– Apartment complex Approved !!
– Are you moving OR relocating ? We MOVE and Re-install TVs as well
– SAFE, FAST, RELIABLE and ON TIME Installations: We have been Installing HDTVs since 1997 !!

PLEASE NOTE: On basic entry level packages there is a TV size minimum and also a (2) TV minimum. These prices will NOT apply on just (1) Basic TV install. There must be a total of (2) or more TVs to be installed at the location.



Here are some important things we will need to know, to offer you the best price possible for your project

– What size is your HDTV: Up to 40″inches / 41″ to 60″inches / 61″ to 80″inches / over 81″ inches ?

– What area are you located in, what is your zip code ?

– What type of bracket will you need: Tilting / Full motion / Mantle Mount / or *None you already have a bracket ?
(Please NOTE: Installation pricing is better when we supply the bracket. We already know the best brackets to use, the correct brackets to use and the bracket assembly fee will be waived when you use our brackets) Just FYI.

– Where would you like the TV installed: on a WALL ? / above the FIREPLACE ? / Above 6’ft ? / Commercial Business location ? / Residential ?

– What is the wall surface type where the TV will be mounted: Drywall / Brick / Stack-stone / Concrete / other ?

– Is there an electrical outlet nearby (within 4 feet) or less Yes or No ?

– Do you want wires concealed: ? (Wires are hidden flawlessly INSIDE the wall. We DO NOT use wire tracks or external wire covers)

– Will there be a device connected: Apple TV / Fire stick / Roku / Cable, Satellite box / Xbox / DVD/Blu-ray player etc?

– We also provide: HDMI Cables, Power extension Cables, Optic Cables, Sound bar Installation & Speaker Installation

– Discounts given on Multiple TVs (2) or more Installed

– 10 Year Warranty Included with every Installation

Do you want just anyone in your home? NO
Do you want the cheapest price that will compromise the quality of workmanship of you Installation? NO
Do you want someone cutting corners on parts and technique just to offer you a cheap price? NO
REMEMBER: CHEAP Prices equal CHEAP work ! In this industry as in any other, You will get what you pay for.

We are background checked, licensed and insured. We have gone thru vigorous back round checks, drug screening and quality control. We are meticulous and extremely detail oriented in giving you the very best in TV Installations. We have been trained and certified by ALL of the leading Electronic companies: LG, SAMSUNG, SONY, PIONEER, PANASONIC, VIZIO, just to name a few

We are partnered with MAJOR retailers and service companies: ANGIE’S LIST, HOME DEPOT Services, AMAZON Services and more !!


PLEASE DO NOT try to purchase HDTV mounting brackets on your own !! Many customers BUY and are SOLD the wrong type of TV bracket for their Installation and only end up having to return them most of the time. We see this problem over and over in this industry.
We will match and fit the proper mounting bracket for you type HDTV Installation. One of many problems customers face, is that most brackets that are sold in RETAIL STORES or ONLINE are much smaller than commercial grade brackets. The reasons for this is:

– Most of the brackets that are sold online are smaller in size to save weight for shipping and YES assembly is required.
– Most of the brackets that are sold in Retail Stores are also smaller to save on shelf space and YES assembly is required on these as well.

We offer brackets and hardware that are far superior in quality, and will be the correct type for your Installation,…..and we will get it right for you the FIRST TIME !!

– We have been Installing HDTVs since 1997
– Our technicians are factory trained in HDTV wall mounting

– Our technicians are CEDIA certified
– We have licensed Electricians on staff
– Our technicians are low voltage and high voltage trained & certified

– Our technicians have all passed vigorous background checks and drug tests
– We are authorized HDTV Installers for many large service companies: AMAZON, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, HOME DEPOT, Craigslist, HOME ADVISORS and more !!
– Our company carries a $2,000,000.00 liability and damages insurance policy so you can be rest assured with peace of mind
– We have an A1 service rating with all of our service contractors

“Don’t just let anyone into your home, Don`t just let anyone Install your TV or HOME THEATER” !!

Call a reputable service provider with years of experience
– A company that is licensed and insured and offer you peace of mind
– A company that has 1000`s of references and vast previous experience with mounting and installation HDTVs
– A company that can offer you low and fair prices
– We accept most forms of payment: CASH / CASH APP / PayPal / *Credit Cards / *Checks /

We are OPEN 7 Days Monday thru Sunday
Same day appointments available
We offer 10 Year Warranties and all Installations


We also Build / Install and Design Custom HOME THEATERS: Basements / Media rooms / Man Caves
We sell ALL Home Theater Equipment at dealer access prices: Never Pay Retail again. If you HATE paying Retail,……CALL US !!
Complete designed and Installed HOME THEATERS from as low as: *$2,499.99

* Restrictions apply / Call for details / (2) TV Minimum OR Purchase of one of our mounting brackets on basic option
* Assembly fees may apply on mounting brackets NOT provided by us.
* Discounts will be given on multiple TVs Installed

Industries We Have Worked with: Retail Trade, Gas Stations with Convenience Stores, New Car Dealers, Gas Stations, Used Car Dealers, Men’s Clothing Stores, Recreational Vehicle Dealers, Women’s Clothing Stores, Motorcycle Dealership and Repair, Children’s and Infants’ Clothing Stores, Bicycle Dealership and Repair, Family Clothing Stores, Boat Dealership and Repair, Lingerie, Swimwear and Bridal Stores, Auto Parts Stores, Shoe Stores, Tire Dealers, Jewelry Stores, Furniture Stores, Handbag, Luggage and Accessory Stores, Floor Covering Stores, Sporting Goods Stores, Home Furnishings Stores, Hobby and Toy Stores, Consumer Electronics Stores, Fabric, Craft and Sewing Supplies Stores, Computer Stores, Musical Instrument and Supplies Stores, Camera Stores, Book Stores, Home Improvement Stores, Record Stores, Paint Stores, Department Stores, Hardware Stores, Warehouse Clubs and Supercenters, Lumber and Building Material Stores, Dollar and Variety Stores, Lawn and Outdoor Equipment Stores, 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  • Category : Residential


  • * PROFESSIONAL TV INSTALLATION SPECIALISTS: (All you need is your TV, we offer everything else)
  • * TV MOUNTING SERVICES: We specialize in Mounting TVs on STACK STONE and BRICK Fireplaces
  • - Wire concealment
  • - Electrical outlets ( Licensed ELECTRICIAN on staff )
  • - Media integration
  • - We sell the correct Mounting Brackets, hardware and HDMI cables: "ALL YOU NEED IS YOUR TV" !!
  • - NO Distance restrictions (We travel anywhere) !!
  • - NO NEED for Sheetrock patch work and Dry wall repair work
  • - NO NEED for additional Electrical work or to call out an Electrician
  • - NO NEED to depend on the clueless Cable Company to run your HDMI cables


Fort Myers, FL, USA

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